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Providing your Tax Data

U.S. Tax Solutions offers a secure 256 bit encryption (bank level security) client web portal for sharing tax return data with clients. Only our office and you have access to your data/documents.

When you engage our services, we will create a unique portal for you and send you an invitation to sign on and set up a password. You can then upload information we need to prepare your filings. We will also post drafts of your return or other forms we prepare for you there so that you can view or retrieve them. To begin, below is a list of information items we typically need to prepare a U.S. income tax return, or the common information forms such as FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR), Form 8938, Form 5471, Form 3520, etc.

  • Yours, your spouse's (if filing jointly or separately) and your dependents' social security number, or ITIN (individual taxpayer identity number)

  • If your marital status changed during the tax years for which returns are to be prepared, please provided details

  • If the number of your dependents changed, please provide details

  • German income tax return, or other foreign country income tax return, Steuerbescheid and/or Steuerberechnung - for each year a U.S. income tax return is to be prepared. The foreign income tax return is usually our main source of data for taxpayers resident outside the U.S.

  • Prior year U.S. federal and State income tax returns (we would like to see the last U.S. income tax return you filed if available)

  • Investment income statements, e.g., Steuerbescheinigung, Form 1099-INT/DIV/B, Form 1042-S, Form K-1, etc.

  • Miscellaneous income statements, e.g. Form 1099-MISC 

  • Details of income and expenses for your foreign rental activity if any

  • Details of any government benefits you received, such as, social security benefits/pensions, unemployment pay, Elterngeld, etc.

  • Your U.S. travel information during the tax year, noting the business days and any states you worked in

  • Bank name, address, and account information including highest balance in the year for your FinCEN Form 114 and Form 8938

  • Details of any Gifts you received from a non-U.S. person including the date of gifting, a description and the fair market value of the gift

  • if you owned entirely or a share of a foreign corporation, we may need the annual financial statements to prepare Form 5471

  • if you were a partner in a foreign partnership, we may need the partnerships annual financial statements to prepare Form 8865

  • If you expatriated, we will need details of your assets and certain values for the preparation of your Form 8854